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Trade winds are back!

Trades are Back !
After a few beautiful days of no wind and Kona (south) winds, today started off with a cold North wind and some rain, but has switched into a beautiful light trade wind day. Rig up some big sails and head on out. Continue reading

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‘Tis the season for photoshoots!

Spring is in the air…and so are the helicopters!

Yes it’s photoshoot time again and it seems like every sail, board and kite manufacturer wants Maui as a backdrop for their products and athletes.
With the amazing scenery and recent conditions it’s hardly surprising. Continue reading

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Kitesurfing Service Announcement – Keep The Sport Alive On The North Shore!

The FAA has issued a Waiver to MKC that allows some restricted kiteboarding activities, within certain areas. Without this FAA Waiver, all kiteboarding would be banned within a five mile radius of the Kahului Airport (OGG), which would mean all of Kanaha and Lanes. Help keep the sport alive on the North Shore! Continue reading

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Windsurfers and Kiters can be Friends!

We think this is probably a first. A windsurfer and kiter sharing a tandem board.
Beach residents, Neil and Sam prove that you can push and pull at the same time and still get somewhere. Continue reading

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