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Sevin and Ray go Stand Up Paddling with Turtles.

Recently Ray and Sevin went for a cruise down to Kanaha and while they were gently paddling down wind were able to see and briefly film a couple of large turtles swimming closely by. Continue reading

Windsurfers and Kiters can be Friends!

We think this is probably a first. A windsurfer and kiter sharing a tandem board.
Beach residents, Neil and Sam prove that you can push and pull at the same time and still get somewhere. Continue reading

Sevin Goes Windsurfing!

Of course our favorite Water Dog, Sevin had to be a great windsurfer.
And this new video proves it. Continue reading

Interesting things our webcams see…

A number of viewers watching the Camp One daily movie for 3rd April wrote in after spotting a turtle crawling out of the ocean at sunset! Here’s a short movie clip showing everything we captured. The clip covers the 15 … Continue reading

UFO’s Sighted Over Camp One!

A series of strange lights in the skies was captured by the mauiwindcam Camp One webcam yesterday evening. The timelapse replay shows several small lights moving across the sky and then heading straight towards the camera before vanishing into the … Continue reading