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Good Morning Maui

Good Morning Maui!

It’s the shortest day of the year, but the sun is setting later than last month!

  Did you know that it is the shortest day of the year, but that it is not the earliest sunset ? Due to our location, the earliest Sunset(s) of the year does not fall on the Winter Solstice but … Continue reading

MauiWindCam is all new!

Welcome to the new and update We have completely redesigned the site from the ground up.   Many of you were having trouble with the site on mobile and tablet devices and for us to fix that, we needed to … Continue reading

Interesting things our webcams see…

A number of viewers watching the Camp One daily movie for 3rd April wrote in after spotting a turtle crawling out of the ocean at sunset! Here’s a short movie clip showing everything we captured. The clip covers the 15 … Continue reading

mauiwindcam hits the press

mauiwindcam recently featured at the top of a list of webcams to enjoy a virtual vacation, in a story by the Associated Press and featured on MSNBC, Yahoo! News, The Seattle Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Canadian Online Explorer … Continue reading