Maui Race Series 2013

Photo Harry Wiewel

Photo Harry Wiewel

The Maui Race Series kicks off the 2013 season today at Kanaha Beach Park.

This is the 29th year that the series has been staged making it one of the longest running competitions in windsurfing!

Some of the very best professional sailors in slalom make an appearance every year along with some fiercly competitive amateurs. But it’s not just the big boys and girls that get to play. There are a total of 8 classes for sailors of all ages. The result is a race series full of action and surprises.

Photo Harry Wiewel

Photo Harry Wiewel

The Maui Race Series is a series of five windsurfing race events held every summer at Kanaha Park in Maui, Hawaii. Maui typically has strong, dependable trade winds in the summer months, and a year-round population of hard-core windsurfers, including many past,  present, and future pros, so the conditions are good and the competition is intense.

Hi-Tech Surf Sports is the organizer of the Maui Race Series. Any questions regarding registration, rules, etc. should be directed to them at (808) 877-2111.

June 1 • Da Kine Classic
June 15 • Carbon Art Challenge
June 29 • Meanline Fins Slalom
July 13 • Quiksilver Cup
July 27 • Neil Pryde Hawaii State Championship

You should be able to catch some action (at least 1 bouy) on our Kanaha Cam around 11.00am HST.

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