Sevin Days at Café Mambo.

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Sevin, Sevin, Sevin!

We love Sevin, you love Sevin….nearly 4000 people on Facebook love Sevin!

So we thought you’d like to see Sevin, if not in the flesh, then on canvas.

In between playing with him on the water Ray has returned to his studio and has been a very productive artist indeed.

So if you’re in Paia town do drop into Café Mambo on Baldwin Avenue and see Ray’s ode to his muse, Sevin. Ray’s original acrylic on canvas paintings cover the walls of this cozy Cafe restaurant and add a splash of color and more than a dash of humor to your tasty meal!

The show, titled Sevin Days, will be up until mid July.

You can also see more of Ray’s art on his website.

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