Stream On!

mwcsite on ipad2
We are very happy to announce that full video streaming of the mauiwindcam surfcams is now up and running for all computer OS’s, Browsers, PHONES AND TABLETS!!!

We recently had some problems with the new OS from a certain fruity company and it would not play nice even with that company’s own software! But we bit that apple and are glad to say that there are no worms in our new system.

It tool us a bit longer than we wanted because we refused to accept a drop in our industry leading image quality and speed. But thanks to the ever amazing Neil, we think we have you and your device licked…..whoever you are!

Of course now I’ve said that we are probably going to start hearing about some problem or other. Well that’s great. If we don’t hear from you we can’t give you the best web cam images on the internet. So give us a shout anyway and please let us know how it’s working out for you.

Because we really do this for you ……..and that says it all.

Aloha….and woof from Sevin!

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  1. Kimo says:

    Milwaukee reception appreciated. ooooooooooh nice stream! now for audio……..Mana’o radio…….Mahalo Plenty!

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