Sevin Strikes Gold in London!

The ever amazing dog and mauiwindcam mascot, Sevin, has struck gold in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Our intrepid water dog has shown that he has more than fins and gills…but also wings and springs (in his feet)!

Check out the great shots of our multi medal mutt here and follow his daily exploits on facebook.

What a dog. What an athlete. What an American!

Synchronized Diving

Beach Volleyball

Single Dog Kayak

Gymnastics Floor Exercise


Long Jump





Soccer Goal!

Soccer Save

High Jump

Triple Jump (with Frisbee)

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4 Responses to Sevin Strikes Gold in London!

  1. Karen says:

    I love it! Great shots!

  2. Beverley Ann says:

    I always knew Sevin is an winner! Great shots!

  3. Jaynee Behlman says:

    Vivinne he is absolutely amazing

  4. makana says:

    I have the female version of your dog…..
    So nice to see another athlete like my kalia

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