End of an era. Camp One Beach cam to move to new location.

We can’t believe it but the Camp One Beach Cam has been beaming out pictures of this famous spot for 10 years now.

Sail testing and photo shoots have always been a favorite. Then of course there are the many parties and beach gatherings.

Probably the most dynamic shots came when the beach was in it’s maximum erosion phase with trees and debris strewn all over the place.

Also who could forget the last days of rope tree and it’s eventual demise.

But arguably the most popular shots contain a certain beach dog who has over the past 3 years become our mascot and Ray’s very best water buddy…the amazing Sevin.

Without doubt Sevin has captured the hearts of so many of our viewers. He is recognized island wide. People stop us on the beach and ask if it is the famous Sevin. We even had people from Japan stop by our house and tell us how well known Sevin is in their homeland!

Well all good views do come to an end…and this is no exception. Today, Feb 22nd, marks the end of the second Camp One Beach Cam era…..and the beginning of a new one.

To commemorate this event we are going to organize a competition for all our viewers to select the best images from the ten years of Camp One cam. The winners will receive some really cool prizes. So stay tuned. Keep an eye on the site, FaceBook and Twitter for more news and your chance to own a real Ray Masters Giclée or some other great prizes. And start going through the many great Camp One images in the gallery.

We hope to have the new location up and running in the next few days.


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One Response to End of an era. Camp One Beach cam to move to new location.

  1. merrill nisam says:

    Have enjoyed the haven for years…. nice to hear it’s ongoing… here’s hugs to Sevin… Our own Golden retriever would love to be there … yet enjoys our Calif.coast beaches ….

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