The Boys And Girls Are Back In Town!

Spring is in the air, the winds are blowing and the water is a perfect aqua blue.

So it’s time to break out the cameras, rig up the latest sails and boards and head to the most famous windsurfing photography location on the planet.

Yep….our own backyard. Camp One.

Over the next few weeks you will see some of the best sailors in the world at work and at play as they test out the hot new gear that you will be buying later this year. While they test, the cameras will be rolling to capture those beautiful shots that adorn the sales catalogs and videos of the leading windsurf manufacturers.

You’ve probably already seen some great helicopter action on our Kanaha cam last week as the Moreno Twins played it up for the photographers. While up at Camp One we’ve been watching the team riders from Starboard pull off some great moves just inches below the whirling chopper blades. Heart in your mouth stuff to be sure!

Just yesterday top dog Antoine Albeau showed up and told us he will be here testing for the next 2-3 weeks. It’s super cool stuff just watching the hard work and dedication top sailors like Antoine put into refining their gear and technique.

Coming this week we can look forward to both Neil Pryde and JP teams putting on a show just for you lucky mauiwindcam users.

So tell all your sailing buddies and let’s hear from you if you see any of your favorite sailors strutting their stuff. ¬†Just add your comments to the blog.

We will see if we can get you any news from the guys and girls as well as any industry insider stuff that we might overhear. Stay tuned as usual!

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