Sevin and Ray go Stand Up Paddling with Turtles.

One of the most thrilling parts of life on Maui’s North Shore is the amount of sea creatures we encounter on a daily basis while playing on the water. The most prolific of these is the Sea Turtle. On any given day you can see dozens of these graceful and gentle reptiles, some of which will come right up to your board or kayak and circle around for several minutes before gliding off.

Recently Ray and Sevin went for a cruise down to Kanaha and while they were gently paddling down wind were able to see and briefly film a couple of large turtles swimming closely by.

The quality isn’t great but you can see them quite clearly as they slowly glide under the awestruck man and dog.

Music: Sandalwood by Moondog from Sax Pax for A Sax / Moondog

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16 Responses to Sevin and Ray go Stand Up Paddling with Turtles.

  1. leslie says:

    Aloha Ray & Sevin
    The footage is great! Besides Sevin, and all his dawg buddies,
    the sea turtles are one of my favorites on Maui. You two are really blessed.
    Looking forward to more videos :)

  2. Sharon says:

    Aloha Sevin!

    We all had fun meeting you and shaking your hand, Saturday night at Laura and Rob’s wedding! We play for food, you shake hands for food! You’re a very cool dog!

    Best wishes to all!

    Sharon from Maui Taiko

  3. Ira Hastings says:

    Aloha, Ray, Viv, and Sevin. Already back in S.F. Bay Area revisiting the plentiful fond memories of the beach, water, wind, and waves via the web cam and your fun video, and sharing them with my son Matteu. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
    Your friend, Ira

  4. leonard says:

    nice video but the music ,oh my god,depress…..sorry

  5. Humayun Jamidar says:

    Awesome Video wish I was there
    (teds friend)

  6. Humayun Jamidar says:

    brilliant love it Ray
    Humayun from Daytona

  7. deborah Driscoll says:


  8. Peeks says:

    Awesome! You two really take us on the lovely waters we know and love so well here on Maui. Mahalo for sharing! XXOO

  9. Charlotte says:

    Ray and Sevin, Awesome and beautiful! Which beach can I find you on? Will be there in July and would love to take a few pictures.

  10. Janet says:

    Love it. Love it. Made me cry for odd reasons. Visiting Mauii for first time ever this July (2012). Wow. Clearly the place to be. Thanks for exploring with your dog. Thanks for sharing with everyone else.

    • Shirley & Dave Thorpe says:

      You haven’t had a reall vacation till you’ve been to Maui!…….We will be taking our 18th trip in September! Hope you find Maui as WONDERFUL as we do! The people you meet there are soooooo AMAZING!!!!!!! Have a GREAT TIME! ALOHA!!!!!!! Shirley and Dave

  11. Shirley & Dave says:

    LOVED, LOVED the videos of u and Sevin! 6 months to the day till we are back in Maui! Can’t wait! LOVE the sea turtles!!!!! S and D Thorpe Pitt Meadows, B.C. Canada

    • Ray Masters says:

      Many mahalos from Sevin and Ray.
      We will be posting more videos soon so keep watching!

  12. Gina says:

    Never been to Maui; I live in Hood River, OR. Loved the video, especially the music.
    Hope to sail near those turtles one day.

  13. aloha ray!! love to see some of the pics you took sunset suping mid jan. best to you my friend,

  14. anonymous says:

    Polarizer filter would help.

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