Windsurfers and Kiters can be Friends!

We think this is probably a first. A windsurfer and kiter sharing a tandem board.
Beach residents, Neil and Sam prove that you can push and pull at the same time and still get somewhere.
This might look easy but be assured it certainly is not. Just getting into the right position to launch is a major accomplishment let alone managing to pull off a jibe!
And while they didn’t quite manage to get back to the same spot on the beach they did thrill us all with their unique water moment.
It probably helps that Sam is a Certified Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Neil teaches Windsurfing for HST.
The perfect couple. The perfect sunset session!

Music: EEC-Suite: EEC Lied by Moondog from Sax Pax for A Sax / Moondog

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  1. Nancy Halley says:

    takes too long to load – can u fix that? I’d love to watch it and share it.

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