Sevin Sets Sail!

Is this one lucky dog or what?
Ray Masters’ latest work is being applied to a windsurf sail. And not just any old sail, but a lovely new Hot Sails Super Freak 5.0m. Thanks to the unique use of Dacron in it’s construction, the Super Freak lends itself to being painted on and withstanding the rigors of water use.
Ray is using a selection of graffiti pens to apply the design which will ensure that the art does not end up as a runny mess.
When finished, later this week, it will join his quiver of hand painted water toys which include a Naish wave board and the recently completed ArcLight stand up paddle board.
Hopefully the wind will still be around so that Sevin and Ray can go play with the new sail.
You can check out Sevin’s first ever sailing session here.
We’ll post pictures of the completed sail in the next day or so and follow that up with some on water videos very soon.
So stay tuned…..and if you are a sailor looking for something really special and all yours then contact Ray. He can promise you something truly unique and very eye catching for your next sailing session.

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  1. Jeffrey Henderson says:

    We have more white sails available!

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