Sevin Goes Windsurfing!


Of course our favorite Water Dog, Sevin had to be a great windsurfer.
And as this short video proves, you can jibe first time out!
At least if your name is Sevin.
As usual, the footage is not sped up….he really is moving out.
A big nod to some crack sailing by Dougie Miller.
We shot this in May but I’ve been a bit busy, sorry 😉

Music: Bumble Boogie by B. Bumble and the Stingers from Nut Rocker / Bumble Boogie

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8 Responses to Sevin Goes Windsurfing!

  1. Beverley says:

    Great new video! We love your site and we are a big fan of SEVIN, the phantastic water dog!
    We are visiting your web site every day.
    Greetings from Germany,
    Bev andf friends

  2. oink says:

    Sevin is always fun to watch. What a dog’s life he has. Keep it up.

  3. Carlo says:

    Thank you for the laugh….that’s one cool dog!!!!

  4. mima says:

    Aloha! Sevin is awesome!!! What a great dog! Too bad, we didn’t meet when we have been in Maui. Maybe next time …
    Take care Sevin and keep it up!
    Warm greetings from cold switzerland.

  5. humayun says:

    Sevin is the greatest!!!!!

  6. Nancy Halley says:

    Fun vid. Do you know Spotty, Carl’s dog at Sprecks? Spotty has competition. What’s Sevin up to these days? This web page needs to be updated. I’m hoping to post the webcam links to my Howie from Maui site, but it needs to be more current. Great blog potential. I know it’s a committment :)
    We publish surf books, photography coffee table stuff about Hawaii and sports/nature.

  7. Keligal2003 says:

    Very cute :)

  8. Surfma says:

    Aloha ! Great wave

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