New State of the Art HD Windcam for Kanaha!

Hokanaha2_blog.jpgly pixels Batman!

We thought our two webcams offered up some of the very best images on the internet. And so they do. But we just managed to get hold of one of the first samples of a super new Hi-Def wide screen webcam just announced by our camera partner.  And this thing rocks!

This piece of technological genius is capable of sending out a stream of true 720p video but due to bandwidth constraints we have to turn back the volume a bit. Nevertheless you will agree that the wide screen streaming picture of lowers with it’s super fine detail are pretty impressive. This exciting new view on the windsurfing, kiting and stand-up paddling mecca is enhanced by the stunning West Maui Mountains as a backdrop. Plus on those special days we can zoom right into the action with the high resolution 10x lens.

Together with a new logo and graphic enhancements mauiwindcam continues to set the bar for internet cams. Please let us know how you like it….and spread the word!

Go straight to the new streaming page and check it out.

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12 Responses to New State of the Art HD Windcam for Kanaha!

  1. JGomez says:

    Thank you for the great HD web cam.

  2. Sevin says:

    Woof!!!!! Where’s my Flipper Flopper, I want to go play in front of the new HD cam now!!!!!

  3. herbert eber says:

    thank you so much,
    for this wonderful addition. we used to live in maui for 10 years. upper kanaha was our playground.
    you bring it to us every day. thank you for doing that from the bottom our hearts.
    love you, love maui, maui no ka oi
    mahalo nui loa
    herbert & elisabeth
    landshut germany

    • Stephanie Ericsson says:

      Hi Herb– I’m trying to find my brother, Stuart Ericsson, because it’s his birthday today. I lost his phone number when my phone crashed last spring and the email I have on him just bounces back my email. Any chance you can help me get in touch with him so I can sing him a totally out of key ‘happy birthday’? Thanks,

  4. Stuart Ericsson says:

    Hey Herbert and Elisabeth!!! How’s it going?!?!? Hope you are ok. Very cool new cam. We miss you at Kanaha and look forward to your return soon!! Take care, Stuart and Vicki Ericsson

  5. herbert eber says:

    aloha maui,
    thanks for the lovely greets, stuart & vicki.
    hey guys, watch tomorrow the time-lapse hd cam fm 2009-05-26 at 8:19
    what was it?????
    i love this new cam and we miss maui
    thanks again

  6. MichaelZ says:

    One of the most wonderful place I have eve been in my life…. a mile or two offshore on the north shore of Maui. That blue that we we always miss. Now with this great new Web Cam i can continue to dream til i will be there again.

    Shockah Bro!

    Msui No Ka Oui!!

    Spack u soon!!!

    Aloha noi

    Michael Stephenson

  7. Walker says:

    Aloha all – I’m gonna put a link to your site from my online Maui guidebook ( Wanted to know how you feel about using a lower-res iframe somewhere with a link to the higher-res on your site. Won’t use any of your content ’till I hear from you.

    Writing up Kanaha page right now – 😉

  8. Walker and anyone else who wants to link in – we don’t allow embedding of our live images. But, we do have a series of snapshot images which you can use. Check out our copyright page for full details:


  9. Awesome!! Although it makes me homesick, I’m so glad I can feel close to home!! Thanks for having such a great site!

  10. Harry says:

    hallo Herbert und Elisabeth
    wir sind nicht so weit von einander entfernt – Landshut – Taufkirchen – ein Katzensprung. Ich durfte im Januar/Febr 2009 euere Wahlheimat für 4 Wochen besuchen – es war herrlich.
    see you
    Harry aus Taukfkirchen

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